Facial Massagers
Aside from a facial steamer, you can also invest in face massagers or gua sha tools. Here, we’ll
discuss a few of our favorites: the Mount Lai Jade Gua Sha 除毛器, Jenny Patinkin’s rose face roller,
and Chantecaille’s mini solar panel. The purpose of these tools is to loosen knots and tension,
which can cause skin to look tired. Buying one of these tools may help you get a firmer, more
youthful look.

Face massagers
You can find a variety of different types of facial massagers, from simple jade rollers to
microcurrent treatment devices. All of these tools stimulate and massage the largest organ in the
body – the face. They can reduce puffiness and tightness of the muscles, help soothe tired eyes,
and give skin a healthy glow. Plus, they feel good! According to dermatologist Mona Gohara,
facial massagers can improve your skin’s overall health.
Gua sha tool
The Amethyst gua sha face lifting tool is a Chinese facial massage tool that promotes blood
circulation and radiance in skin. This ancient practice has been used in traditional Chinese
medicine for thousands of years. It has many benefits, including reducing inflammation and
puffiness, enhancing the radiance of skin, and improving overall health. Amethyst gua sha facial
tools are an excellent investment for your beauty arsenal.
Mount Lai Jade Gua Sha
Amethyst gua sha face lifting tools are a wonderful way to get a facial massage and improve
blood circulation. Gua sha is a centuries-old tradition in Chinese medicine and has many health
benefits, including reducing inflammation and puffiness. Moreover, it increases the overall health
of your skin and improves its radiance. Amethyst gua sha face lifting tools are also great for
reducing puffiness and enhancing your skin’s radiance.

Jenny Patinkin’s rose face roller
One of the best-selling products at the launch of her book, Lazy Perfection, is Jenny Patinkin’s
rose face roller. A gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing tool, the face roller can lift the face without
stretching the skin. This is thanks to the lymphatic system that’s just under the surface of your
skin. To get the best benefits, try rolling over the lymphatic drainage points at the front of your
ear. You can roll the face roller multiple times, as necessary, and make additional passes over
areas where you’re concerned.
Ziip GX series
The Ziip GX series of face lifting tools use both microcurrent and nanocurrent technology to lift
the skin. These treatments can last anywhere from 48 to 72 hours, and have cumulative effects.
The longer you use a device, the more radiant and lifted your skin will be. To get started, you

can download the ZIIP app on your smartphone. Then, simply follow the instructions and you’ll
be on your way to a new and healthier looking you in no time.
TheraFace Pro
TheraFace PRO is a multi-functional facial lifting tool. Its LED light therapy ring features three
different wavelengths: red light targets fine lines, blue light combats acne causing bacteria, and
infrared light firms and lifts. TheraFace Pro features a digital display, three control buttons, and a
programmable LED timer. Each treatment has three levels of intensity; choose a setting to get
the desired results.